failed with code - 1001 erors post R12.8 upgrade
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failed with code - 1001 erors post R12.8 upgrade


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We're running a Policy Server and we see the following errors in the smps.log. 

  [30950/140051985966848][Thu Dec 19 2019
  failed. Error code : 2

  [30950/140051985966848][Thu Dec 19 2019
  07:21:10][SmSSInDBStore.cpp:1325][INFO][sm_LoginLogout_02016] failed
  with code - 1001

What do they mean ?



Release : 12.8.03




At first glance these errors are related to the Session Store as
explained in this KD :

  Why are we continually getting SmSessionServer Failed error code 2 and 3 in smps.log?

About message "[sm-Server-06007] failed. Error code : 2" the following
community thread reports the same :

SmSessionServer.cpp 535

  1. [SmSessionServer.cpp:571][ERROR][sm-Server-06007] failed. Error code : 2

     Error code 2 shows there was an issue when the policy server trying to
     get the session from the session store. It searched in the session
     store but it couldn't find the session in the store. It may be a bad
     input for the search at the session store. You can get more details on
     the policy server trace (smtracedefault.log) log file on what was the
     search query that was sent to the session store.

  smps.log flooded with "[SmSessionServer.cpp:979][ERROR][sm-Server-06007] failed. Error code : 2"

About the message : "failed with code - 1001", 

This portion of code check the value of the column Status from the
Session Store sessionspec, and the Oracle database returns -1001 which
means invalid cursor as the value doesn't exist as expected because
the Error code 2 before and the value has been removed just before.

This is INFO message, so this doesn't mean there's a problem.

This message seems also to be related to the "failed. Error code :
2" :

Ways To Store Session Data

  The problem is that any session-related call in the authentication
  scheme fails (including getSession(), getStatus() and setVariable()

  The same calls work fine in the active expression.

  In the logs we see:

  [3768/3380][Mon Dec 13 2010 15:13:26][SmAuthUser.cpp:285][ERROR]
  CSmSessionServer::GetSession() - Provider::GetSession()
  failed. Error code : 2

  [3768/3380][Mon Dec 13 2010 15:13:26][SmSSInDBStore.cpp:972][INFO]
  CSmSSInDBStore::DoGetStatus() - failed with code - 1001