KPIs by Application report not showing data when OBS data is selected as input controls


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APM application "KPIs by Application" is a report provided via the APM content add-in. The report is not pulling data despite meeting the report requirements. 



1. Install APM add-in and ensure content is installed state.

2. Create applications. Ensure the report prerequisites are met, the applications meet the report parameters that are required to run the reports. E.g. Mission criticality, risk scores.



1. Open the "KPIs by Application" report from advanced reporting > view > repository > org> CA PPM > Report> Application management

2. Select report parameters Application OBS type and Application OBS units and click apply

example from my test case:

Application OBS type= 'Organizational'

Application OBS unit= 'All groups | Application mgt'

Expected Results: The report to list data

Actual Results: The report returns “no matching records found”


Workaround: Selecting each application key (applicationKey_1)  via the application report parameter is not a feasible workaround. One of the report queries appears to reference the wrong table. Search for statement

obsa.table_name = 'SRM_PROJECTS'

and replace statement as follows and publish report:

obsa.table_name = 'INV_APPLICATION'


Release : 15.6, 15.6.1, 15.7

Component : JASPERSOFT 7.1


This issue is caused by: Defect ID: DE52019 and the issue appears to be with the report code and is currently being investigated.