Memory leak on VNA collectors


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CA Virtual Assurance for IM CA Spectrum CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Memory leak on the VNA Collectors


Default maximum connections for VNA datasource is 20.


Release : 3.7

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


We are processing all the faults from APIC and the default pool size is not accommodating all the DB Connections which results in alarms and inventory is missing.
The notifications and inventory updates keep on growing in the ActiveMQ messaging queue and often collector is crashing or causing a memory leak.

Configure the Maximum connection pool size to 250 and clear cache for ActiveMQ and Collector.

1) Update the connection pool configuration settings in wildfly
     Wildfly Admin UI -> Configurations -> Subsystems -> DataSources and Drivers -> VNA_MYSQL -> pool
     Min Pool Size = 20
     Max Pool Size = 250
     Pool Use Strict min = true
2) Stop the wildfly server
     service stop wildfly
3) Cleanup the VNA Cache from the filesystem

     a. Cleanup /opt/CA/VNA/data
          cd /opt/CA/VNA/data/updates
          rm -f *

    b. Cleanup /opt/CA/VNA/wildfly/standalone
        cd /opt/CA/VNA/wildfly/standalone
        rm -rf  tmp log 
        cd /opt/CA/VNA/wildfly/standalone/data/activemq
         rm -rf *
4)  Start the wildfly server
      service start wildfly