Worker Processes in 12.3 state they are active, but do not restart and a new process is started instead.


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If you attempt to restart a process that ended abnormally, you see a new WP process start. If you attempt to start it again, the system reports it has been started, but it does not start.



Change in behavior in 12.3.

WP processes no longer bind to a specific socket. This means that, in cases of abnormal end, a new WP# is assigned when the process is restarted.

When utilizing the service manager, this means that the new process will utilize the service manager entry of the previous process. This causes the system to register that process as active when reattempting to start it.


Release : 12.3



As this is part of the design changes present in 12.3, this behavior change is as designed.

There are two workarounds available:

1.) Wait 10 minutes before restarting an abnormally ended process as that allows the original WP# to be available.
-- This will stop the error from occurring, as the behavior of the WP's getting new numbers should no longer occur.

2.) Periodically refresh the service manager link in the Automic Web Interface.
-- This will re-align the linkage to the service manager, allowing for starting and stopping processes.