CA XCOM queue status values for transfers (Linux, Unix, Windows)


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In CA XCOM under Linux, Unix or Windows what are the possible status values for transfers in the queue?


Release : 11.x
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Linux PC
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Unix
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


The list of possible transfer status values is as follows:
- SCHDL - Transfer posted into the queue and waiting for scheduled start in a future date/time

- STARTING - Transfer is ready to run as soon as it can get a session or connection with the partner as per the partner's session limit in file.
- ACTIVE - Transfer is running
- HELD - transfer has been held by operator command
- PENDING - Transfer has failed due to a restartable condition and is waiting to be automatically restarted by xcomd
- WAITING - Same as pending but the transfer needs manual restart, as it happens with remoteñly-initiated transfers.
-  DONE - Transfer is complete (successful or failed) and will be removed from the queue when it expires.

Additional Information

The command 'xcomqm -La' can be used to list the queue entries and display the status e.g.