Hubrobotname in the robot.cfg file is wrong


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


In our enviornment there are two hubs with different hubrobotname but, when we stop the services and correct the cfg file and starting the service. its getting reverted back to the wrong name after the startup of the service. Due to this it looks like few robots are not getting reported to this hub(newly provisioned servers to this hub) or fresh installation of robots pointing to this hub? Can you please let us know how to fix the hubrobotname to right name in robot.cfg file.


- hub.cfg robotname value changed


Release : 9.1.0

Component : UIM - ROBOT


We tried many changes to the robot.cfg but nothing helped to persist the proper hostname in the hubrobotname field. When we then checked the hub.cfg we found that the robotname had been changed to the erroneous value at some point. Once we changed the robotname in the hub.cfg, the robot hubrobotname remained as we set it instead of being overwritten. As far as the customer knows, no one ever changed the robotname in the hub.cfg. Fix was to simply edit the robotname in the hub.cfg and save it. Then the hubrobotname in the robot.cfg remained the same/accurate.