Device showing in CAPC but not in DA


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I have a device that is in the Default Domain global collection group in Spectrum.  It shows in CAPC but does not show in monitored inventory in the DA.  I've done Full Synchronization on Spectrum Data Source and Full Synchronization on DA data source a few times but no change.  Need assistance to get this device into the DA.


ICMP blocked on the device.  As a result, it shows as "Inaccessible" in the discovery profile results


Release : 3.7


Edit the "Default Domain" discovery profile and click on the "Advanced" tab.  From there uncheck "Use ICMP"  under the "ICMP Discovery" section.  Then rediscover the device.  It should now discover fine because we no longer attempt ICMP connectivity to the device.  Instead, we just try SNMP

If the device still shows as Inaccessible on subsequent discovery attempts, utilization of tcpdump or other packet analysis tools will need to be used to determine the communication break as even SNMP communication is not successful.