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A process instance should start based on the object start condition on Create, Update, or Create and Update.

It does not start and assistance is needed on why it does not launch and appear in the Administration > Processes > Instances page.

The start condition is based on a change in an object attribute, therefore when the value is changed, the process instance should kick off.


The issue is with how the logic is constructed, therefore it is a not a defect.


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Use the following base condition to ensure that a process instance does start whenever an object attribute is changed.

(Attribute1 = Value1) and (Attribute1 [Previous Value] != 'Value1')

Here is an example of a process that will launch upon the project object actions:

1. Create and Update

a1. Active = 1
a2. Work status = Complete
a3. Work status (previous value) != Complete
a4. Project name contains string: "DONE"

2. Use the process condition builder to translate

( project.obj_work_status ==  lookup("OBJ_INVESTMENT_WORK_STATUS", "COMPLETE"))


like(, "DONE" )


( project.obj_work_status__oldValue !=  lookup("OBJ_INVESTMENT_WORK_STATUS", "COMPLETE") )


3. This translates to:

Start Condition for Create ( Project Active = 1 )
Start Condition for Update ( ( ( Project Work Status = 'Complete' ) and ( Project Name like 'DONE*' ) ) and ( Project Work Status [Previous Value] != 'Complete' ) )