Audit Trail Finish Date attributes missing the Timestamp


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Checking an audited attribute of type Finish Date on Audit Trail, it will only display the portion of the Date from the timestamp.
It is not appending the portion of the time.
The Start Date attributes are displaying the full DATE:TIME as expected.


1. Login to Clarity as an administrator user.
2. Admin Tool > Studio: Objects > Project Object > Audit Trail.
3. Select the Finish Date for auditing and select the Start Date (for comparisons).
4. Repeat for other Finish Dates on this object or other objects such as the Task Object, or other Investment Objects.
5. Main Application > Projects > Change the Start and Finish Date on Project and Tasks and other objects where finish dates are configured for audit trail.
6. Navigate to the Audit Tab on the object instance or in Admin Tool > Audit Trail and examine the data recorded for finish dates (compared to start dates).

Expected Result: The page should show timestamps for Finish Dates.  
Actual Result: The page only shows Date values. It is missing the timestamp. 


None. The timestamps are actually stored in the CMN_AUDITS table. 
This is only a display issue. Customers can check the dates by changing the locale of the user /Admin --> Resources) as the date format honors the locale on the account.


This issue is being raised as Defect DE52369.




Clarity PPM 15.x


This Defect is currently under revision by SE (Sustaining Engineering).