Duplicate Inventory records for vCenters in vmware probe


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We have identified duplicate records for vCenters in UMP Inventory. This is causing duplicate models to be imported into Spectrum. We need to find out why nisapi retrieves duplicate records for vCenter such us cc-clvxxxxxxx00. One looks like its coming from the UIM Robot and another one from the vmware probe.


- discovery_server correlation


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - VMWARE


On cs_id 84xxx: (Virtual machine/Robot)
<attributes key="VirtualID" value="500b9845-xxxx-90a2-664d-42xxxxeb66e8"/>

on cs_id 560xxx: (vCenter)
<attributes key="VirtualID" value="89e2c349-xxxx-4f96-b7c6-a5dxxxxe7977"/>

So if you examine the <rules> section in the discovery_server.cfg, and then remove VirtualID from all of the 'unmatch_on_any' rules, then save the file, then cold start the discovery_server, it should resolve the dupes.