xFlow chat collaboration between analysts hangs


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1. The Assignee of an Incident requires help from one or more Suggested Experts via Chat.



2. Click on the "Start conversation" icon for each analyst that is to be invited to the chat session:



3. After inviting analyst-001 and analyst-002:



4. analyst-001 received a notification:






5. analyst-001 clicks on the title of the notification and the chat session begins to open:



6. analyst-001 starts to reply in the chat using "/Chat" command (note:the chat response field is grayed out):



7. analyst-001 finished typing the message and hits Enter:



8. Hitting enter after typing the message does not cause anything to happen - The message does not appear in the chat log of the sender (analyst-001) nor of the intended receivers (ServiceDesk and analyst-002).


The situation has been reported as product defect DE52370.  


Release : (reproduced here)



DE52370 is to be fixed according the Defect Resolution Process under Severity S3.

For 17.2, the resolution, as determined by the product engineering team, is (to be) included in 17.2 RU6.


Additional Information

Service Management 17.2 > Defect Resolution Process

For ticket-contextual live chat collaboration between the analyst assigned to an incident and a non-analyst affected end user, the analyst would use xFlow and the non-analyst would use Service Point. That chat communication appears to work well - on, validation tests are successful.