Hardware Monitoring With SysEDGE?


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  • Can SystemEDGE be used to monitoring hardware failures (hard drive failures; memory chips; etc). 
  • Our Server teams would like to be notified of failures should they occur.




Release : 12.9

Component : Virtual Assurance for IM


  • SystemEDGE does not do Hardware monitoring. 
  • The only way to use SystemEDGE for Hardware based failures would be to monitor Windows Event Logs or syslogs (log File Monitor) on Red Hat for any entries which might be telling of a looming hardware problem.   
  • Many of the major Server\Hardware vendors have their own SNMP Agents that have more granular hardware monitoring features.  You could also run these in parallel with SystemEDGE (running on a different listening port).
  • The SystemEDGE MIB File (empire.asn1) attached to this article can be viewed in Spectrum or using any 3rd Party MIB tool.  This lists all of the objects\oids that SystemEDGE is capable of monitoring.


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