How to specify ACF2 logonid default field value upon INSERT when a value is not provided.


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When new ACF2 for z/OS logonid records are created, the GROUPD() is not setup. 
Require each new logonid record GROUP field to have GROUP(OMVSGRP) as the default.

Example ACF2 logonid INSERT command:
INSERT xxxxxx NAME(xxxx, xxxx) PHONE(nnn nnn-nnnn) CICS JOB IMS


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


There is no ACF2 GSO option to provide a default GROUP upon creation (INSERT) of the logonid.

The only method discovered is that a change would need to be made to the @CFDE GROUP
entry where a DFT= value can be provided. The following would be an example:


The following is ACF2 documentation related to DFT= in section titled:

@CFDE -- Create Field Definition Entry Macro

Essentially the @CFDE GROUP entry would be modified using the ACF2 UM99901 usermod via a ++MACUPD (ACFCFDE) update.