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Devices being removed from Device Family and Global Collection after reconfiguration in Spectrum


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We have an NCM device family set to search for a particular device type and set to update in real-time. After an NCM firmware update, a reconfiguration is triggered.  The reconfiguration moves the models out of the Global Collection and the Device Family.  If the device family and/or GC is manually updated, the device moves right back into the collection.


The device does not support the standard IPAddress table.


Spectrum 10.3.x, 10.4.0


This is resolved in 10.4.1 and above.  If a device does not support the standard IPAddress table, it will not be removed from the Global Collection or Device Family.

  • Symptom: Real-time GC updates are not working. In some cases, devices are getting removed from the device family. And, in some other cases, devices are not getting added to the device family when they should be.

  • Resolution: Made the appropriate changes to fix the search difference between the real device family and the periodic real-time GC for the same search criteria. 
    (DE437006, 20091406, 10.4.1)