How to contact Broadcom Customer Care and Support
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How to contact Broadcom Customer Care and Support


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Support Portal


Contact Broadcom Support


There are multiple ways to contact Broadcom Support

1. Customer Care Request Form

The Customer Care Request Form is a convenient way to request assistance from the Broadcom Customer Care team.
Providing sufficient and accurate data will expedite a resolution to your request. 
After submitting the form, you will receive a screen message with your case number and an email will also be sent to the address entered in the "Email Address" required field.

Note: This form is for Non-Technical requests and should not be used to open cases for product support, support escalations, or for high severity/urgency cases. Please contact Broadcom Customer Care directly for Severity 1 cases.

Please take note of the below tips when submitting a request via the form.

  • Provide your Site ID. If you are not sure, please contact Broadcom Customer Care and they will assist you in locating your ID and opening a request. You will then be able to open requests through the form on your own.

  • Select the appropriate option in the "Request Type" field:
    • CA Licensing
    • General Question
    • CA Support Portal
    • CA Partner Request
    • Enterprise Education Support
    • Mainframe Education Support

  • If your request is about a specific Broadcom product, include the product name in the summary.

2. Customer Care Community: 

The Customer Care Community is where customers can connect to share questions, ideas, and feedback. We orchestrate each customer interaction to help ensure positive business outcomes. The customer care team handles all products non-technical issues like Software Support Portal, License, Education, Partners, and all general queries. 


3. Case Management:

Before you can open or view a support case using Broadcom Support Portal, you will need to register using your Enterprise Site ID. Processing may take up to 48 hours if access requires approvals to the company's Site for which you are requesting access. To avoid delays and expedite processing it, strongly recommended to register using your corporate email domain. If registering to a company site that is not your own, please provide name and contact person at a company that can provide approval for your access. Once registered you can begin using your Broadcom Support Online account.


4. Phone or Call:

To speak with a customer representative or a Support Engineer, please Contact Broadcom Customer Care.


5. Chat

Go to Support Portal and click on the chat icon available at the right side bottom of the page.