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We did like to know the best approach to recover an ODSEE LDAP Policy
Store replica, where data and indexes are broken.

We followed those steps :

  1. Point Policy server 1 to Policy store 1 that needs to be
     recovered and shut down policy server 2
  2. Run policy server configuration wizard and initialize policy
     store 1 instance.
  3. Run XPSImport and import all objects from policy store 2.
  4. Enable replication from PS2 to PS1 and PS2 to PS1
  5. Then init-repl-agmt from PS2 to PS1 first. Once completed then do
     it from PS1 to PS2 (I did not do this in my earlier attempts).





Policy Server 12.52SP1 on RedHat 6;
Policy Store on LDAP ODSEE;




At first glance, as the Policy Store 2 runs fine and the data /
indexes are healthy, then I would recommend you to initialize the
Policy Store 1 from scratch and make a replica of Policy
Store 2. As the Policy Store 1 will be a replica of the Policy Store
2, you don't have to fully configure it as Policy Store, but as a
replica which should get the data from the Policy Store 2.

Configure an Oracle Directory Server as a Policy Store

  Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Considerations

    Replicate an Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Policy

      A UserRoot and a PolicySvr4 database is created. The PolicySvr4
      database has suffix mappings pointing to it. To replicate this
      policy store, set up a replication agreement for the PolicySvr4
      database directory.

      Note: More information about a replication agreement, see the
      Oracle .

Consider also to apply on the ODSEE ldap server the latest patches
available for the version you run.