DWH Job fails - "Could not login to Jaspersoft" Error


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Load Data Warehouse job fails with error "Could not login to Jaspersoft, domains could not get updated for customizations"

  1. Log in to Clarity 
  2. Navigate to Reports and Jobs 
  3. Search for Load dataware house Job 
  4. Run the Job in Full load 

Expected Result: The Load DWH Job should complete successfully

Actual Results : The Load DWH job fails with the error below: Could not login to Jaspersoft, domains could not get updated for customizations


The failure of the Load DWH is because at the end of Load DWH job it will try to login to Jaspersoft to update the domains and we call as dynamic domain update. At this stage the Job after login to  Jaspersoft checks for attributes included in Data warehouse via Object and sync up the domains in Jaspersoft. This sync is only applicable for out of box domain and no custom domains. 

in the bg-dwh.logs you will see the job is actually completed and you will see the Job finished with no error 

Below is the sample extract from the logs 


INFO  2019-12-16 10:19:13,047 [dwh_jb_pre_execution UUID: aa7e8c3e-4c6f-4d1a-aa39-ad80679e1d68] dwh.event audit table name -  & DWH_CFG_AUDIT

INFO  2019-12-16 10:20:26,883 [dwh_jb_pre_execution UUID: 57fc7e8a-cfab-4db9-8286-d170969b3204] dwh.event audit table name -  & DWH_CFG_AUDIT

INFO  2019-12-16 10:21:52,426 [Thread-12] dwh.event null - Job execution finished


Release : All Clarity Version 14.x, 15.x



  1. Ensure you have installed and set up the Jaspersoft properly 
  2. Ensure jaspersoft content are imported successfully 
  3. Please make sure you are able to see the organization and out of box reports 

Additional Information

Note: For more details on Jaspersoft you may refer to our Documentation