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export channels to readable format for comparison


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CA Mobile Device Management


Would it be possible for CA to provide a utility that takes in a WCA channel export and converts it to a format that is at least somewhat human readable (ex. formatted JSON, XML, plaintext) so when we check in channel code to our source control, we can tell what things changed with a file comparison? I believe if I take a WCA file, change the extension to ZIP, and open it, I can find a JSON file with the export data. However, this data is all on one line, which makes it hard to compare against.


In a perfect world, what I’d really like is the following:

  • Something that takes the WCA file and expands it into one file per channel and channel set, organized into folders based on the structure inside the CA MDM UI.
  • Each channel file being human readable in a similar format to what we see in the UI (but including any applicable metadata, not all of which is currently shown in the UI).
  • Each channel set file being a human readable listing of the channels inside, listed in the correct order.
  • The ability for this utility to turn these expanded files back into a single WCA file for re-importing into MDM.


Attached is an example of what I’m describing. I realize that’s probably an unreasonably large amount of work, but anything that makes it so we can see what channels, channel sets, and events were added, removed, or changed when doing a file comparison would really be helpful.


Release : 15.1



Broadcom Development is working on a utility to convert to a readable text format