Alarm Log Report is showing incorrect Alarm Cause values


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


After updating an alarm pcause title Report Manager is not properly reflecting the change.


Release : 10.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


SRM stores unique pcause (alarm) entries in the reporting.alarmtitle table.
The first time an alarm is generated an entry gets input into the alarmtitle table with the included title.
When these titles are updated manually the table will include the old title.
The fix is to remove the old entry from the alarmtitle table and let a new alarm generate with the updated title.

1. Login to MySQL

2. Type:

use reporting;

3. Type:

select * from alarmtitle where cause_id=0x00000;

Replacing 0x00000 with your actual alarm ID from Spectrum.

4. Confirm the entry to be removed.

5. Please note, this command will remove data and there is no recovery.  Please be sure proper backups are done for your Reporting database regularly.


delete from alarmtitle where cause_id=0x00000;

Again, replacing the ID with the actual pcause.

6. Restart Spectrum Tomcat Service.


Once new alarms are generated with the updated title, SRM will process it generally within 24 hours.