Report Resource Time Summary and Detail is poorly formatted (period missing) and same Note displayed for each period


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We open the Resource Time Summary and Detail report for say two periods and filter on Resource OBS

In the results we do not see the second period. We also have notes when in fact the timesheets do not have any timesheet note


When we run queries on the database and we find the notes by the text without a prrecordid (NULL)

The issue is coming from the fact that in the report the query is build like this

0 timesheetid

And there is an orphan note in PRNOTE table with a NULL PRRECORDID that was brought in Data Warehouse as 0 for PRRECORDID in dwh_tme_sheet_note.timesheet_key


Release : All supported Clarity releases


Workaround 1:

Please follow the solution below to delete the note from the database and then run Load Data Warehouse again:
{Replace prid 5xxxxxx with the actual note ID):

delete from prnote
prtablename = 'PRTimeSheet' 
and prid = 5xxxxxx 

delete from odf_ca_timesheetnote 
where id = 5xxxxxx

Both should delete 1 record, then you commit.  


Workaround 2:

If you know which timesheet the note should belong to, reset the note PRRECORDID to point to the most likely timesheet for the user. Once you update it should show in UI.


Once you apply either of the workarounds:

Run Load Data Warehouse - Full Load and check out the report again, it should display properly