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SNMPcollector not starting up after a restore after an OS upgrade


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We recently has our UIM server upgraded for one of our clients. we have our SNMP collector backed up, However, we are unable to restore it in place. We need further assistance in restoring the backup.


The robot had NIM_JRE_HOME points to jre7, which was the wrong version of java for the snmpcollector


Release : 8.51



We took the following steps to resolve the issue.

The customer had deployed a new instance of the probe and that deployed fine.

So, we deactivated the snmpcollector probe

Renamed the \probes\network\snmpcollector folder to *bak1

Restored the snmpcollector folder from backup.

In the IM console, went to "View Logs" on snmpcollector

Activated the snmpcollector probe.

Saw in the log file, wrong major/minor version java exception

Edited robot.cfg file

Modified NIM_JRE_HOME to point to jre8* folder.

Restarted the robot service.

Now, the snmpcollector probe starts fine.