CA View - CA View/Deliver/DRAS 14.0 Maintenance and PTFs


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The client is installing CA View/Deliver 14.0 and is wants to know where to find any maintenance (PTFs).


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


PTFs for CA Technologies products, including CA View/Deliver 14.0m can be downloaded from the site

Once at the site:

 . Choose "Download Management"
 . In the search box, put in "CA View"
 . In the View/Deliver box, choose "Solution Downloads Available"
 . Under "Solution Downloads", in the Filter Search Results, put in "CA View"
 . Choose "CA View MVS" and release 14.0
 . In the component box, check "CA View", "CA Deliver", "EBC OM Common Database Driver", "CA Distributed Repository Access System (CA DRAS)", and "Web Viewer Mainframe Team Center".
 . Click the blue "Filter" box
 . It is suggested to then, set the Solutions Per Page to 100
 . With that, you can select "Add All to Cart", which will do only the 100 PTFs shown.
 . Then, click to be taken to the next set of PTFs, to do the remaining 20 or so PTFs, and do "Add All to Cart" as well.
 . Then, download your cart and process the PTFs.