TDM Portal Find & Reserve - NULL values search in drop down and date columns


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



Issue:  Test Data Management Find and reserve form controls need to be expanded to allow searching for null values in any field. Currently the dropdown and date controls do not have the capability to filter on nulls. As such, here are the desired additional requirements for these two controls.



  1. Ability to search for nulls and empty strings in dropdown lists. Specifically, if a form field defined as a dropdown list has null values or empty strings, those should be included.An unsuitable workaround is to not use a dropdown on the TDM form and use the string controls 'Is Null' capability. However, this requires the tester to remember the values that would otherwise be selected via a dropdown list
  2. Ability to search on null date values. There is no reasonable workaround. The TDM date form control should include 'Is Null' and 'Is Not Null' options like the string and numeric controls.





currently not available. 


Release : 4.8.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Development has reviewed this request and has considered this as an enhancement. This will be fixed in the future releases.