Issue with IP Approval task not saving and sending new password.


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We have an approval step that allows users to put in values when they are approving. On this screen, the admin can enter values that are passed to the next step. One this screen, most of the values are being passed properly but we have a few that are not being passed and we cannot figure out why?

DEBUG [ims.policyxpress] (Thread-408 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-962048176)) [SUBMITTED_TASK:TASK_COMPLETED:RequestTVPTAccess] calculated data value of element "get Host Logon ID Password": 64l97tihc3
 Line 1067:  Line 265228: 10:47:48,627 DEBUG [ims.policyxpress] (Thread-433 (HornetQ-client-global-threads-962048176)) [SUBMITTED_TASK:TASK_COMPLETED:RequestTVPTAccess] calculated data value of element "get Host Logon ID Password": 7KL78tfMw1


Release : 14.1

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


Your PX type seems to be "submitted on task completion".  The only way this could be done is to have your PX with a type of UI on submission to get the attribute.  Action set User Attribute, you would not choose a real attribute.  Set to |fake| to store the clear txt password.  You would have a 2nd PX where your get element is get user attribute |fake|.  This would be used as a mechanism to transfer data from one PX to another.

This would have to be done with PX type UI, on submission of this task.  If you do a PX of something else besides UI, the GET will retrieve a hash password as it can't get the password from user directory.  We don't store it cleartxt in user directory.  As mentioned above, you would have to store in a variable to send an e-mail.