Negative Number Is Generated by Sequence in the PRTIMEENTRY Table for 'PRID' Column


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The PRID column of table PRTIMEENTY has negative value due to sequence overflow. As a result, the time entry module in Clarity PPM New UX breaks.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Use a dataset with several timesheets.
  2. Open the PRTIMEENTRY table and note the value of PRID.
  3. Open any of the timesheets with negative PRID in Clarity PPM New User Experience.

Expected Result: The value of PRID column in PRTIMEENTRY table must be positive. 

Actual Result: The value of PRID column in PRTIMEENTRY table is negative. For example, -35044054.


This has been reported to Engineering as DE49036.


This issue has been reported in Clarity PPM 15.3.


This issue has been reviewed and fixed by Engineering. The fix is available in Clarity PPM, and higher releases.

The fix does not correct existing data, but will prevent negative IDs from being generated.

Workaround: Classic UX Timesheets can use the old IDs.