CA View - Upgrading to Release 12.2 from Release 11.6
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CA View - Upgrading to Release 12.2 from Release 11.6


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The historic upgrade path (for product compatibilities) is to upgrade CA DRAS first, then CA View, then CA Deliver.

However, as CA DRAS has been packaged with CA View, starting with release 11.7, those two products can be upgraded at the same time.

You can upgrade the libraries for CA View from 11.6 to 12.2. The 12.2 software can read, write and print reports located in an 11.6 database.  This can be done one system at a time.

Note: Do not run the VERSION job to change the database to 12.2 until the libraries on all the systems have been upgraded and tested for performing as expected.

CA Deliver 11.6 is backwards-compatible with View 12.2.


Before performing the View upgrade, what needs to be done, to stop the collection of sysouts to a View database?

What are the instructions for falling back (reverting) to release 11.6?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


Please consider the below for having no sysouts collected by the View SARSTC task:

 . If there is use of CA Deliver, and there are Deliver RMOPARM ARCHn=DIRECT[/...] parameters in use, those ARCHn parameters need to be changed to send the sysout to the spool (ARCHn=class/dest/form/media/prmode).

 . If there are any View SARFSS tasks in use, stop those tasks by shutting down the virtual printers connected with those tasks.

 . In View, set SARINIT parameter FORM=9999 (or some bogus value).
 . Recycle SARSTC

 . With some or all of the above, there should then be no sysouts going to View.


Please perform the below to revert (fall back) to View 11.6:   

 Note: If your CA View database was not yet versioned above release level Release 11.6, skip steps 1 - 3.

1. Use the CA View Release 12.2 SARDBASE utility to set the version of your CA View database back to a CA View Release 11.6 database.
  The format of the VERSION control statement is: VERSION 11.6

2. Use the CA View Release 11.6 SARDBASE utility to OLOAD the Release 11.6 online panel library into your database.

3. Use the CA View Release 11.6 SARDBASE utility to BLOAD the Release 11.6 banner page library to your database.

4. If you modified any of the CA View user exits, revert to your Release 11.6 versions of the exits.

5. Change your JCL, Procs, and started task JCL to point to the Release 11.6 libraries.

6. If the Release 12.2 load library was link listed, revert to the Release 11.6 link listed library.

As well, the following PTFs should be applied to the 11.6 environment:

 . RO30477 - EBC 11.6 - Apply this to the 11.6 environment prior to the upgrade.

 . RO26210 - Deliver 11.6
 . RO28310 - View 11.6 – Apply this fix so that the 12.2 tapes can be read by View 11.6.
 . RO48478 - View 11.6
 . RO48479 - DRAS 11.6 - Apply if CA DRAS is used.
 . RO63821 - View 11.6