CA View - SARINIT Parameter PRTDSN
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CA View - SARINIT Parameter PRTDSN


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What is the functionality of SARINIT parameter PRTDSN?



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The ability print to a dataset, via SARINIT PRTDSN, is done from the View online or it can be done in batch. 

It is an option on the "Print Attribute Panel", when using ALL, SAR, SARO, or JOB modes (not available with EXP and EXPO modes, Deliver reports). 

In the View 14.0 documentation, if you do a find on "Print Output Online or in Batch", there is shown a panel, with "Print to data set:" fields shown. 

As PRTDSN is a function in SARBCH printing, there is no dedicated section for the function, and it is only shown as an element of the Print panels. 

The PRTDSN function is enabled by use of SARINIT PRTDSN=YES. 
Note: The default value of the parameter is PRTDSN=NO. 

With PRTDSN=YES, another version of the print panel is shown that includes the "Print to data set:" fields. 

Use and explanation of the function is documented in:

 . The New Features section
 . The Reference Guide (Initialization Parameters)
 . Using Guide.