unknown error when deleting robot from maintenance schedule


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


unknown error when deleting robot from maintenance schedule



timeout were set to short and the old schedules were not cleared out.


Controller version on the UMP? 9.20
Controller version on the primary hub? 9.20 HF3
OS type and version of the UMP? Windows Server 2016
OS type and version of the primary hub? Windows Server 2016
Back end sql server type and version? MS SQL Server 2012 STD on Windows Server 2016
you are running UIM Server 9.10
you are running UMP server  9.10
you are running maintenance_mode 9.10


set below parameters to resolve this issue.

The configuration of all UMP wasp probes should be changed adding this key:

Also, change the maintenance_mode.cfg as follows:
/setup/purge_maintenance_windows = 1

Also, change the maintenance_mode log level to 0 

please make sure to disable and then enable each probe after making the change then wait 10 minutes before testing.

Additional Information

we receive communication error, I/O error on nim session while removing device from maintenance schedule for several reason.
1. due to less timeout setting at USM,also due to more data on maintenance_window table.
2. default setting for  /setup/purge_maintenance_windows is set to 24. we recommend to set to small value to 1 which reduce time significantly in maintenance_mode.cfg.