DC084110 at startup
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DC084110 at startup


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Error DC084110 can occur when a CV starts up. This may occur even in a system that has always worked fine, which has not had any changes to the sysgen or any changes relevant to the VTAM line. 


Release: All supported releases.


The DC084110 error indicates a problem with the VTAM line. It an be an error in the sysgen line definition, or a physical problem with the line. It can also be caused when there is a conflict between multiple CVs referencing the same VTAM APPLID in their line definitions. 

It may be possible for multiple CVs to specify the same APPLID, if only one CV uses them. In this situation, the order in which the CVs are started may impact whether the CV gets an error on the line at startup.

For example, if CV01 & CV02 both have a VTAM line defined with the same APPLID, and usually CV01 starts up earlier than CV02, that may cause no problem if CV02 does not use the connection. In that situation CV01 starts up first, and it uses the line, and all is fine because when CV02 starts up, it does not attempt to actually open the line, or it may attempt to open the line and gets the same error, but it is ignored because the line is not actually used. 

In this scenario, if for some CV01 is started up later than CV02, that can cause the DC084110 in CV01. 

To resolve this, either:

  1. Start up the two CVs in the accustomed order; and/or
  2. Remove the duplicate APPLID definition from CV02, shutdown both CVs and then bring up CV01, and then bring up CV02 afterwards.