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Eclispe UI - LOCATION displayed in the Element view


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM) Endevor Software Change Manager - ECLIPSE Plugin (SCM)


Eclipse UI 18.1.4

Looking at the element view, the project name is displayed with the word [LOCATION] 

What does this mean?


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The information in the bracket informs us, If there is [LOCATION], it means only Project location has been searched. If there is [MAP], it means that the Project map has been searched. There is a third option [REPOSITORY SEARCH] that will tell the user the repository search was used, and it will contain other filter information.

For example, if you do a repository search on repository Test, the info bar can look like this:
Test [REPOSITORY SEARCH] | element: all elements | type: all types