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TDM 4.8.1 using vTDM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am using CA TDM 4.8.1 and trying to integrate with vTDM We are facing different errors during Registration, Creating FS and Checkpoints.

We already verified the MS SQL Server (v2016 sp1) Configuration (account) and it is correct.  The path exists and we have the right permissions, We noticed that the error is related to Share folder mapping on the appliance, for example ... database_NEWFS is not recognize (share folder) and the database/NEWFS folder does exist.

Applicance registered successfully, with vTDM server IP address (111.222.333.444), which is a different machine.

Files copied to applicance using command:

scp travel*.* [email protected]:/database/trips

The error happens when trying to test checkpoint, prior to create it. It was used the database IP address instead of localhost.

The DBMS request produced the following response : 

StatementCallback; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [CREATE DATABASE "trips_1574220915201Gold_copy" ON (FILENAME = N'\\\database_trips_1574220915201Gold-copy\travel_log.ldf'), (FILENAME = N'\\111.222.333.444\database_trips_1574220915201Gold-copy\travel.mdf') FOR ATTACH]; SQL state [S0002]; error code [5121]; The path specified by "\\111.222.333.444\database_trips_1574220915201Gold-copy\travel_log.ldf" is not in a valid directory.; nested exception is The path specified by "\\111.222.333.444\database_trips_1574220915201Gold-copy\travel_log.ldf" is not in a valid directory.

Have verified we have the correct permissions.


Release : 4.8.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager


As per our sustaining engineering group, we won't be able to do anything with this issue because it looks like a problem (or rather unsupported scenario) in JDBC driver for SQL Server - so in fact you should raise a ticket against Microsoft.

From the error message the developer says the driver doesn't like to use share folders (network paths) but the question is if it really checks for network path or if it only validates the path format.

In the first case we can't do anything, in the latter case you could try to map network path to drive letter first and use it (so instead of \\111.222.333.444\database_Travel\travel_log.ldf  you would use for example Z:\database_Travel\travel_log.ldf).