ETACALLBACK SSL connection not working
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ETACALLBACK SSL connection not working


Article ID: 141820


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


Experiencing errors on inbound sync requests based on records in etanotify log. Currently using http/8443 to IME for ETACALLBACK URL. 

20191211:100959:TID=001380:I: START: Check for Deleted or Missing End Notifications
20191211:100959:TID=001380:I: DONE: Start Notifications Deleted: 0; End Notifications Created: 0
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:I: Sending Notification: eTNotifyOpID=c1f5bb1b-577d-4ea2-a115-b1ba99d4deef
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:I:   Event: Resume_Account (eTADSAccountName=Bryan.Kobe)
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:I:   SeqNo: 0000000001
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:I: Try sending payload to https://<Server Name>.<domain>.com:8443/iam/im/ETACALLBACK/?env=aaa
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:E: FAILED(https://<Server Name>.<domain>.com:8443/iam/im/ETACALLBACK/?env=aaa): [rc=27] SSL: couldn't create a context: (nil)
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:E: Error in notification processing: Reason: Operation failed. ALERT: Unable to contact any IMS. Processing aborted.
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:E: Originated from: .\EtaNotifyTools.cpp [1081].
20191211:100959:TID=001ed0:I: DONE: Notifications Processed: 0/100+ [FAILED]



Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


As the issue is related to the third party library and it is independent of our product versions, the customer can use the same hot fix that was provided as part of the DE369927. Also, there are no changes related to EtaNotifyTools.dll between 14.2 and 14.3. So the earlier hot fix should be good to be applied.


This error is fixed in IDM 14.2 CP1.   However, the fix did not make it into IDM14.3 nor 14.3 CP1.

After engineering reviewed the same fix from DE369927 can also be applied on IDM 14.3 and 14.3CP1.  Check for the fix to DE369927 in the current 14.3 documentation release notes as engineering has stated this will be resolved in 14.3CP2 release.