Client Automation - Stage of SD package to Scalability Server library is in waiting status


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The stage of SD package to Scalability Server library is in waiting status. DTS Tranfer job is in error.


In TRC_DTSAGENT0_*.log on Domain following error appears :

111219-12:48:39.5021364L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000140|INFO   | Connect scalaname. port: 4728
111219-12:48:39.5026067L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000173|INFO   | Attempting to connect to scalaname with address
111219-12:48:39.5028180L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000200|INFO   | Created socket 1832
111219-12:48:39.6182057L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000293|INFO   | Connection sucessful
111219-12:48:39.6756476L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |mxVirtualConnect|CPmuxAPI.cpp        |000521|DETAIL | pmux plugin responded with connection status
111219-12:48:39.6757128L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |mxConnectInit() |CPmuxAPI.cpp        |000547|INFO   | Pmux not listening on port 8222


111219-12:46:26.8329581L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000140|INFO   | Connect scalaname. port: 4728
111219-12:46:26.8334033L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000173|INFO   | Attempting to connect to scalanamewith address
111219-12:46:26.8335880L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000200|INFO   | Created socket 1848
111219-12:46:26.8949742L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |CCFTCP::Connect |CCFTCP.cpp          |000293|INFO   | Connection sucessful
111219-12:46:26.9643259L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |mxVirtualConnect|CPmuxAPI.cpp        |000521|DETAIL | pmux plugin responded with connection status
111219-12:46:26.9644033L|000600|000026e0|DtsAgent0 |mxVirtualConnect|CPmuxAPI.cpp        |000530|WARNING| Failed to get connection status





Release : 14
Component : Client Automation


This error indicates a problem with dtsagent plugin on scalability server.
Make sure it is running fine with 
caf status dtsagent
If it is not running start it :
caf start dtsagent