Cannot compile MIB files from Ciena 6500 device


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


Tried to certify Ciena 6500 devices, but got the following error when loading its MIB files

“The MIB SNMPv2-SMI referenced by the selected file appears to contain more than one MIB definition. Each MIB definition needs to be in a separate file.”

 It doesn't matter which individual MIB file tried to load.


The SNMPv2-SMI MIB file is missing from the folder where the rest of the CIENA MIBs are located. Therefore the file cannot be found when compiling other CIENA MIBs, and the error is seen. 


Release : 10.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Download SNMPv2-SMI MIB file and place into the same folder where the other CIENA MIB files are located.

The MIBs will now successfully compile and add to MIB Tools database. 

Additional Information

NOTE: The link above "" to collect MIBs is third party and not associated with Broadcom or Spectrum products. If the link is not working, then it is recommended to reach out to the vendor CIENA to obtain the required MIB file.