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We're installing a Policy Server and we'd like to know if AdoptOpenJDK
is the only OpenJDK fork supported by BroadCom for Layer7 SiteMinder
12.8SP3, or if other ones are supported by this product ?




Release : 12.8.03





At first glance, as per our Support Matrix, for 12.8SP3, the only
version supported is AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.212 and higher :

2.4 Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  The following table lists the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) support
  requirements for release 12.8.03:

    | CA Single Sign-On Component  | Java Runtime Environment                         |
    | Single Sign-On Policy Server | AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.212 (or later updates on 1.8.x) |
    |                              | 64 bit                                           |
    | Policy Server SDK 64 bit     | AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.212 (or later updates on 1.8.x) |
    |                              | 64 bit                                           |
    | Access Gateway               | AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.212 (or later updates on 1.8.x) |
    |                              | 64 bit                                           |


If you really want another specific version to be supported, we invite
you to submit a Certification Request (Idea) on the Security page. I
doubt this will be accepted, but you may try :

  1. Go to the "All Ideas" page :
  2. Click on the "Add" button.
  3. In the "Select categories...", select "Layer7 Access Management".
  4. Write a title in the "title" box.
  5. Write a complete description of the Enahcement Request or
     Certification you'd like to post.
  6. Click on "Save" to get the Idea submitted !

Further information about the support of AdoptOpenJDK :

  AdoptOpenJDK Announcment