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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


We can not export data of some lists on our SDM-Scoreboard. If export is tried, the export procedure will fail, export windows with error is prompted and the following errors are found on log file:
02/18 20:52:49.56 sdmI20963 pdm_exporter 6724 SIGNIFICANT nx_exporter.c 1643 Export (pdmweb:sdmI20963#61aa6682:1690129f3ae:-7fff-5844-1) started for Userid(ServiceDesk) Factory(in) Where(z_ticket_type = 400001 AND (group.[group]group_list.member IN (U'D44FB523A59A3E41862F0D05F32D02A8')) AND (type = 'I') AND status != 'SOLVED' AND active = 1 AND (string6 != 'MOD_IN' or string6 is null) )
02/18 20:52:49.64 sdmI20963 domsrvr 7136 ERROR factory.c 7068 Could not create list using cr_list_web in factory in:FAC:NC:ATTR:OB:MTH:
02/18 20:52:50.29 sdmI20963 pdm_exporter 6724 SEVERE_ERROR data_driver.c 826 DataDriver: Failed in receive message (method:got_sync_fetch) - (string)Could not create domset (bad name ? )
02/18 20:52:50.40 sdmI20963 pdm_exporter 6724 ERROR nx_exporter.c 1581 AHD13115:Got error from query: Could not create domset (bad name ? )
02/18 20:52:51.41 sdmI20963 pdm_exporter 6724 SIGNIFICANT nx_exporter.c 1680 Export (pdmweb:matka09-I20963#61aa6682:1690129f3ae:-7fff-5844-1) completed after (1.857) seconds.
02/18 20:52:51.41 sdmI20963 domsrvr 7136 SIGNIFICANT connmgr.c 2405 Disconnecting client pdm_exporter-sdmI20963-#6724


0. Log in as ServiceDesk user, create group named "grp1" and add ServiceDesk user as a member of that group.
1. use WSP schema designer to create a new table named "z_ticket_type" that has 1 column named "type" that is an int.
2. stop CA SDM, run pdm_publish, start CA SDM
3. use WSP schema designer, for cr(Request), to create a new column named "z_ticket_type" with Field Type set to SREL and with SRel Table set to z_ticket_type
4. stop CA SDM, run pdm_publish, start CA SDM
5. via DBMS tool, add 1 row to the z_ticket_type table using:
insert into z_ticket_type values (400001,1550503141,0xD44FB523A59A3E41862F0D05F32D02A8,2)
6.via DBMS tool, for an existing row in the call_req table that is an incident (note the ref_num value, assumes an incident ticket exists), set the value of z_ticket_type to 400001. for example, run: update call_req set z_ticket_type='400001' where persid='cr:400004'
7. Create a stored query with Type=Request and Where Clause set to:
z_ticket_type = 400001 AND (group.[group]group_list.member IN (@cnt.id)) AND (type = \'I\') AND status != \'SOLVED\' AND active = 1 AND (string6 != \'MOD_IN\' or string6 is null)
8. Create a scoreboard node and associate it with the query in the previous step
9. Log out and log back in, click on the new scoreboard node
10. Click Export
11. Check the stdlog for the errors. 


Reference: DE47858.


Release :; German on Windows.



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