Agent for Sharepoint ca-spclaims on Windows Server 2016


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We're configuring an Agent for SharePoint and when we start the Claim
Provider installer on the SharePoint Server,
(ca-spclaims-12.52-win64.exe) the installation fails reporting error :

  SharePoint is not installed

  SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 is required to install this agent

  The installer cannot run and will now exit. Please install SharePoint.

  · OK · 

How can we fix this ?




  SharePoint 2019 on Windows 2016;
  Agent for SharePoint 12.52SP1CR08 on Windows 2016;




Run ca-spclaims-12.52-sp01-cr10-win64.exe on SharePoint 2019 on
Windows 2016 to solve the issue.