NetMaster Directory services protocol error
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NetMaster Directory services protocol error


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Occasionally getting this alert on our systems

Alert Description                      

 PERM Directory services protocol error

Alert Identification                     

 Severity ............ 3 (Medium)        


 System Name.......... XXXXXX            


 System Identifier.... XXXXXXX          


 Application ......... NetMaster for SNA 


 Alert Class ......... NEWS              

 Class Description ... NEWS Parent Class 


 Resource ............ XXXXXX        

Note some text have been replaced with "XXXXXX"

Can you give me more information regarding this error?



Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for SNA


The 'Directory services protocol error' is a CNM generic alert code 3001 from VTAM about APPN. It may be a one off because of an IPL or some temporary glitch.
If you receive more of these messages and it looks like a problem, then I recommend you should contact IBM.

From the /SNACFA.L List control file options Cat 20 Generic Alert Descriptions -

3 Communications
3000 Communications protocol error
3001 Directory services protocol error
3002 Session services protocol error
3100 SNA protocol error
3110 XID protocol error
3111 Invalid XID received
3112 SNA session setup failure
3113 CP-CP session failure
3114 Management Services protocol error
3115 LU6.2 received negative BIND response
3116 LU6.2 sent negative BIND response
3117 LU6.2 session activation rejected
3118 LU6.2 UNBIND request sent
3119 LU6.2 UNBIND request received


If you want to turn off the NEWS alerts coming from NEWS.
These NEWS alerts are controlled by parms CNMFILTERs.
In CNMFILTERs there are multiple kinds of CNM alerts, the alert monitor side of things is controlled via the Alert Severity.
I would suggest making all of these '0' thus no alerts will be sent to alert monitor.

CNMFILTERS - Event Recording Filters ssssssssssssssssssssssss
Category: Permanent error (PERM)
Processing Option ............ L (default L)
Alert Severity ............... 3 (default 3)
Include Mask:
make all of these Alert severity '0' instead of ‘3’