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Clarity MTM: Additional Logging on Mobile Time Manager (iOS)


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How to set up logging to trace login, usage of the MTM (Mobile Time Manager) app?


All MTM versions with iOS


A: Set up MTM logging from Clarity

1. Enable Fiddler-tracing to capture MTM traffic to the proxy (Clarity) server.

2. Enable Clarity MTM-component logging 

a. Go to NSA via URL: http://<server>:8090
   click servername > Logs > Edit Configuration

b. For each server, the following components should be added accordingly:

Priority Name                    Appender

INFO            (add to the "other name" column) STDOUT
INFO  odata.out.json           (add to the "other name" column) STDOUT
INFO  odata.out.xml            (add to the "other name" column) XML
INFO  odata.out                (add to the "other name" column) STDOUT
INFO  odata.metadata.load      (add to the "other name" column) STDOUT
INFO  odata.function.metadata  (add to the "other name" column) STDOUT
INFO  odata.function.runtime   (add to the "other name" column) STDOUT

c. Is there a checkmark on 'Detect Log Configuration Changes Automatically'?

   If checked, the services have to be restarted.
   If it is not checked, the services do not have to be restarted.

B. Setup Fiddler profile for smartphone running Apple iOS.

C: Recreate the issue in the MTM App.

1. Provide the username performing the MTM test.

2. Verify the MTM information is written to the logs.

3. In a ZIP/RAR file, send the following logs(from all servers):