CA Performance Management SNMP Profile order and usage
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CA Performance Management SNMP Profile order and usage


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How does the SNMP Profile order works in Performance Center on boarding and re-discovery.

How the Profiles order is defined?

What if the SNMP connection fails for a device already assigned with the SNMP Profile?



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The SNMP profiles are used in the order set in the UI under Administration -> Configuration -> SNMP Profiles.

If the discovery profile is configured to use specific SNMP Profiles, it only uses those profiles.

If the device is unreachable via SNMP for 2 poll cycles, we will try and do SNMP Profile discovery using any SNMP Profile in the discovery profile the device was discovered with. If the discovery profile no longer exists, it tries all the SNMP profiles synced to DA.

If you are looking to limit the profiles used to discover the device or rediscover it, only specify the wanted SNMP profiles in the discovery profile used to discover the device.

The discovery profile associated with the device is that which discovered the device.

Additional Information

The SNMP Profiles list in the Discovery Profile is not shown via 'rank'.  It reads the list as per the /rest/profiles endpoint result.  It just processes the SNMP Profiles in the order the rest endpoint returned, and adds to the SNMP Profiles list.  So the list is not sorted by rank.  We don't store the rank of it in PC.

What we do store is the rank based on what is being added to the right side (Assigned SNMP profiles) in the Discovery Profile - SNMP tab.  This dictates which one to use first, second, etc.
If the "Use specific list of assigned SNMP Profiles" option is checked, then we save the entries on the right side and store the rank order they are selected in the list.

But when it comes to discovery, if that option is not checked, we will internally use the SNMP Profiles based on rank.

If the SNMP Profile is removed from a device that is monitored then Performance Management will review all SNMP Profiles in rank order to use to maintain continuity of monitoring the device.