Single job is stuck in processing state in Clarity
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Single job is stuck in processing state in Clarity


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A Clarity job is stuck in a Processing state for a long time. Jobs have been canceled and deleted from the UI but the newly run job goes into Waiting status. This issue can happen with any job.

Examples of jobs that can be impacted:

  • Create and Update Jaspersoft Users job
  • Datamart Rollup job
  • Index contents and documents for searches job
  • Tomcat access log import/analyze job
  • Synchronize Jaspersoft roles job
  • Time Slicing Sync job
  • Send Action Item Reminders job
  • Update Aggregated Data job (Update Hierarchy Data job)
  • Load Data Warehouse (DWH) job (Incremental or full)
  • Time Slicing job
  • Datamart Extraction job
  • Update % Complete
  • Job Scheduler Heart Beat - DO NOT MODIFY

Other jobs of different types may or may not be running. 


Step 1: Review the job state

  1. Go to Home > Reports and Jobs > Jobs > Scheduled jobs
  2. Filter by the jobs in Processing Status.

  3. Go to Administration > Security and Diagnostics > Jobs Monitor > Currently Running Jobs portlet.

Step 2: Identify the appropriate solution

Identify which symptom applies to you to implement the appropriate solution. There are three possible scenarios noted below:

  1. Both screens show the same jobs in processing status, but they do not progress.
    Resolution: Cancel and Delete the processing job instances and reschedule them.

  2. The first screen shows a job instance(s) running, but the second one does not.
    Resolution: Cancel and Delete the processing job instances and reschedule them.

  3. If one of the jobs stuck in Processing is "Job Scheduler Heart Beat - DO NOT MODIFY", it is recommended to go for BG restarted as this job is not visible in UI and if cancelled can't be rescheduled.

  4. There is no processing job instance on the first screen, but the second one shows a record.
    Resolution: Job entry at the CMN_SCH_JOB_CURR_RUNS table needs to be deleted. Further details are below:

    SaaS customers: Open a case with Broadcom support, providing the details above referring to this KB.

    OnPremise customers:
    1. Connect to the database.
    2. Identify the record stuck in CMN_SCH_JOB_CURR_RUNS, for this query the table:

      select * from CMN_SCH_JOB_CURR_RUNS where job_definition_id != -1

    3. Find the job that's stuck, the time you had started it. Note the ID in the first column, copy it.
    4. Run the query:

      Delete from CMN_SCH_JOB_CURR_RUNS where job_definition_id != -1;

    5. Run the job again. No restart for BG is required. 

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Keep in mind that some jobs such as Time Slicing during rollover could take a long time and this can be normal. They can appear to be Processing in UI for too long and truly be processing. Please see: Times Slicing job: Check the status / estimated completion time