Migration of CA Governance from Jboss EAP 6.4 to Jboss EAP 7.2
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Migration of CA Governance from Jboss EAP 6.4 to Jboss EAP 7.2


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I'm trying to migrate my Identity Governance 14.2 environment from Jboss EAP 6.4 to Jboss EAP 7.2. 

OS:Red Hat 7
CA IG 14.2 CP3

but it looks like the eurekify application is not migrated at all (I mean WAR files are not migrated from deployments directory of jboss 6.4 to the the new deployments jboss 7.2 directory, and neither was CA specific xml configuration files (like configuration/standalone-full-ca-gm.xml)


I successfully run the migration script provided in the procedure Layer7_migrate_tool.sh (attached the log)

but it looks like it is copying just few resources BUT doesn’t taking care AT ALL about migration of application’s WAR files and configuration XML (I double checked every script statement)

I tried to copy WAR files and XML files manually on the 7.2 jboss but it fails to start up because a lot of modules mentioned in 6.4 standalone-full-ca-gm.xml are not supported anymore in jboss 7.2 (I get errors like below during jboss start up:

Caused by: javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamException: WFLYCTL0083: Failed to load module org.jboss.as.cmp
Caused by: javax.xml.stream.XMLStreamException: WFLYCTL0083: Failed to load module org.jboss.as.jacorb etc...

So I suppose you have to provide suitable jboss 7.2  standalone-full-ca-gm.xml  file or a procedure how to modify the 6.4 one in order to make it compatible with 7.2 

I checked all the migration procedure, post-installation task and troubleshooting without finding anything useful to fix this problem.


Release : 14.2



It looks like the jboss migration tool (included in jboss package /opt/jboss-eap-7.2/bin/jboss-server-migration.sh) IS NOT supporting/following symbolic links to configuration directory.

I mean, our default installation Jboss EAP 6.4 is provided with several links which points to different file systems, for example the /opt/jboss-eap-7.2/standalone/configuration is a symlink to the directory which is located in /etc/jboss

lrwxrwxrwx. 1 jboss jboss 10 Apr 12 2019 configuration -> /etc/jboss

and basically what happens is that when the jboss-server-migration.sh script is running it totally ignores the standalone server migration:
In the log you see:

14:15:59,549 INFO [ServerMigrationTask#1:2] --- Migrating standalone server...

14:15:59,559 INFO [ServerMigrationTask#1:2:2] No source's standalone content found to migrate.

So what I tried to to is to remove the symlink and to create configuration directory and copy there all files from /etc/jboss and run the migration tool again and this time it worked as expected.

10:26:29,496 INFO [ServerMigrationTask#1:2:3] Source's standalone configurations found: [standalone-full-ca-gm.xml, standalone-full-ha-ca-gm.xml, standalone-full-ha.xml, standalone-full.xml, standalone-ha.xml, standalone-osgi.xml, standalone.xml]

10:26:29,497 INFO [ServerMigrationTask#1:2:3:1] Migrating standalone configuration standalone-full-ca-gm.xml...

0:26:32,728 INFO [ServerMigrationTask#1:2:3:1:30:2] Non-persistent deployments found in /opt/jboss-eap-6.4/standalone/deployments: [eurekify.war, tmsWPAdapter.ear, wpServerPlus.ear, viewer.war, sqljdbc-4.1.jar, ojdbc8-]

10:26:32,854 INFO [ServerMigrationTask#1:2:3:1:30:2] Non-persistent deployment eurekify.war migrated.