Unable to run 2 concurrent oneclickwebapp within the same browser


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Customer needs to run 2 concurrent OneClickWebapp windows within the same browser. He needs to display on a video wall, in rotation mode, two different OneClick Console topology views.

The browser, with the installation of a specific plug-in, allows the automatic rotation from one browser tab to another. The problem is that when you try to duplicate the OneClickWebApp console to open the second OneClickWebApp window, on the first windows you get the message "A new session was started in another window. This session has been closed"

How is It possible to have duplicated OneClickWebapp sessions from the same browser ?



Release : 10.3.x 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


To allow multiple OneClickWebapp sessions from the same browser you should modify the the Session Mode from CONTINUE_FOR_BROWSER to ALWAYS_NEW_SESSION as follows:


1) Open webswing spectrum admin console 


Login with spectrum/spectrum

2) Click On Show Config 

3) Navigate to Application - Session 

and change the Session Mode from CONTINUE_FOR_BROWSER to ALWAYS_NEW_SESSION

you may want to change also the Session Timeout from 300 to 0 (to avoid session timeout)

4) Click on Apply