Cannot rt-click on probes and download to Primary hub local archive (Internet Archive Download Error)


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Some packages appear updated but you cannot rt-click on a probe in the Primary hub local archive and download it. The package appears to download, and then copies the package but the icon(s) remains black (not green). Credentials are valid and have been checked. distsrv probe shows CRC errors.


- defect in distsrv v7.96


Release: UIM 9.0.2

Component: distsrv v7.96


Scenario I resolution:


  1. On the Primary hub, in the Windows Control Panel, Rt-click and Uninstall the ‘Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager’
  2. Uninstall ‘SOAP-runtime-TK3’

3.       Navigate to …\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\install\setup

4.       Reinstall the ‘Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager’ by running: 'NimBUS Manager.exe'

(This also reinstalls the SOAP-runtime-TK3 package)

5.       Reboot the machine

6.       Open the ‘Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager’ client

7.       If you see any ‘ocx’ errors, reinstall the ‘Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager’ one last time

8.       After the install, open IM and login to the Primary hub as the UIM administrator

9.    In IM, Select the Archive icon to view the local archive.

10.  Rt-click on any black package icon and download the package (This should work now.)


Scenario II resolution:

If the resolution described in scenario I doesn't resolve the problem, follow scenario II.

The inability to download probe packages via rt-click/Import, turned out to be a distsrv probe defect. The process appeared successful but the packages never showed up nor updated their status/color. It was resolved by doing the following:

1. Manually download distsrv_7.97HF1 

2. Copy the distsrv_7.97HF1 probe package manually into the archive directory

3. Restart ADE and distsrv so you can now see the updated packages

4. In the Admin Console, deploy the new distsrv to the Primary hub.

5. Check the local archive on the Primary and you can see all packages now show the previous probe package updates made which were not being reflected previously.