Manage Orphan Accounts search is not optimized
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Manage Orphan Accounts search is not optimized


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Endpoints > Manage Orphan Accounts search is not optimized. When we use 'where' clause to scope the search for particular Endpoint instance (where Endpoint = <Endpoint's name>), although the result is correct, Provisioning etatrans log shows Provisioning Server invokes search that retrieves all account data in Provisioning Directory including the ones belong to other Endpoint instances. So the 'where' clause is not honored.

We have created custom JNDI DYN Connector and have multiple Endpoint instances for the Connector/Endpoint Type. Considering huge volume of accounts on the Endpoints in the environment, this may cause performance issue.






Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


This is a known issue which is recorded in Engineering ticket DE438129.


Engineering has delivered production fix for Identity Manager 14.3, i.e. HF-DE438129 to address this issue.
Please raise a call ticket, inform this article and request for the fix.