CA View - New Installation - Receive S047 Abend when SECURITY=EXTERNAL is Specified


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In a new View implementation, when the client enters ISPF (SARSPF), to list reports, they receive:

 System abend code 047, reason code 00000000.

 Abend in host command SELECT or address environment routine ISPEXEC.

SARINIT security settings for View:


All ACF2 settings match the settings on another LPAR where external security is working properly.

What is suggested?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The S047 SARSPF abend occurs:

 . If SECURITY=EXTERNAL and there is a missing security class definition of CHA1VIEW.

 . When using ACF2 for external security, ACF2 has an option that specifies NOAPFCHK that will ignore the STATUS=ACCESS call.
   The option forces the caller to be APF authorized.
   If they are not APF authorized, they will receive a S047 abend.

 . In ACF2, the abend can be resolved by specifying the NOAPFCHK.

The View Reference Guide, in the Security chapter, should be consulted information on the CHA1VIEW class.

If external security rules are in use, and the rules are not in native View format and are pseudo-dataset rules, then there needs to be the modified SARSECUX exit, from source CVDEOPTN(SARSECU1), to accommodate them.