How to do comparison of JSON response in a DevTest test script - Ensure Result Equal Assertion


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How to  compare my JSON response to an expected model.  I am using an assertion (JSON -> "Ensure Result Equals"). 




Release : 10.5.1

Component : CA Service Virtualization


The Ensure Result Equals assertion lets you ensure that a JSON Path result is equal to an expected value.
The following graphic shows the editor for this assertion.
On the Left Window,  you can copy any  Json text.  say for example 
In the below text: we are testing   Json data in field 2 { }  
 {                 "name": "allocation",
                    "label": "Allocation",
                    "type": "TEXT",
                    "required": true,
                    "editable": true,
                    "hasMoreAllowedValues": false,
                    "uda": false
The Xpath we provide in the JSON Xpath text box  : $.transactionInteractionItemizationData[1].fields[2]  will be verified  against the data in the Right text box.  
The right portion of the assertion editor can help you determine the values of the 
Expected value
 fields. First, use one of the following approaches to load the expected JSON:
  • From Content
    Select a file that contains the expected JSON.
  • From URL
    Enter a URL path to the expected JSON.
  • From Property
    Enter a property that defines the expected JSON. The default value is the response property for the test case.
Click on Verify Assertion.. "Run Assertion"