PAM-CMN-3136: Metrics auto archive failed. Please check Settings, Credential Manager in Dashboard


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I installed CA PAM in a clustered environment with 2 nodes and one Threat Analytics server with AD as authentication source.We also configured NFS for session recordings and I can confirm that the storage is mounted and the sessions are saved to the mounted folder. I also configured metric and audit autoarchive with Archive to PRIMARY mount, then pruge with age set to 14 days. For forder I tested with archives and also an empty string, but next morning I got for both cases the error PAM-CMN-3136: Metrics auto archive failed. Please check Settings, Credential Man in the dashboard.

The NFS admin confirmed that the NFS export does have privileges to create folders.

In the catalina.out folder, there are messages like : "SEVERE: AuditLogAutoArchiveThread.could not obtain the AutoArchive process lock."





The folder that was supposed to be created to hold the archived data was not created for this issue, I need to find out if this was a one off or a problem reported by more than one customer.


Release : 3.3



Customer created the metrics folder on their storage server resolving the problem