CSV exports include first page only from Performance Management


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After upgrade from r3.7.3 or earlier releases to r3.7.6 all CSV report exports contain only the first page of the Dashboard. Seen for Print to, Run Now and Scheduled Dashboard reports.

This is not seen for On-Demand Reports.


A change was made in the r3.6.4 release that limited the exported charts to the ones on the first page of the report.


Affects Performance Management releases r3.6.4 to r3.7.7


This will be resolved in the r3.7.8 release of Performance Management. Review the Fixed Issues list in that releases documentation. We should see the following entry:

Symptom: When sending CSV via email, the CSV would only contain the first page of results.
Resolution: Added new general table setting to enable first page CSV.  Default will be full CSV in email.
(DE441538, 20131675)