Question regarding GT Subset and Table Order


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We wanted to export all the contents of all tables in the database designed in the "Diagrama ED4.gml" file.

We would like to transfer all data from all tables to the target database. In doing so, we selected any table from the model and "Database Actions - Build <Database> Windows Import/Export" screen, tab "Extract Tables", we moved all other tables from the "No Data Tables" pane to the "All Data Tables" pane. Then, in the "Table Order" tab, we selected the "Use Table Orders" checkbox.

What we noticed is that the TBED4007_CLIE_CADE_VLR_HIST is child to TBED4013_SGTO_ECOO_IBBA, for example, but the import batch file generated does not obey table order based on parent-child relationships. The script shows the bcp command for table TBED4007_CLIE_CADE_VLR_HIST being executed prior to bcp command for table TBED4013_SGTO_ECOO_IBBA. Of course, the script fails to execute due to the Foreign Key constraints.

I know we have the option to choose the drop/create FK constraints by using the options under "Extra scripts" tab, but the Tester user does not have permissions to drop constraints.

Another issue that we noticed is that, 11 of all 41 tables, for this database, have identity columns. It looks like the "-E" parameter used would allow us to input identity columns without problems, according to the documentation. But, that is not exactly what happens. The bcp import fails to import data to the tables with identity columns. We could try to use "SET IDENTITY_INSERT <TableName> OFF", but the user does not have privileges to do so either.

Why doesn't GTSubset take into consideration the table order based on parent-child relationships, when the tables are in the "All Data Tables" pane? Does it use the table order generated by Datamaker during table registration?


Release : 4.8

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Indeed, the table order is used only for tables selected as "Subset Tables" and not for "All Data Tables". The latter tables are exported in the same order as they are in "All Data Tables" list (probably because the order could be controlled by the insertion order).